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Value is where you find it, and cheaper language stays are usually available in the more rural and less urban parts of Ireland. If your child likes computer games, these are normal in Irish families and households.

It is always a good idea to plan ahead, so make sure you organise everything with your host family before leaving. In addition to the pleasant Irish culture, the stunning views and ancient history of the country will provide a rich background for any visitor.

Good healthy natural food is the normal diet here, but families will provide special diets for students who might need them. English immersion is widely recognised as the best way to swiftly become used to a language and master it. What better way to spend the summer than learning a new language and having fun as well? Host families in Ireland as well as highly qualified English language teachers are waiting to hear from you today!

Short term stays can be almost as valuable as long term stays, in that they can show language exchange students how valuable English is, and give them a taste for it.

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