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English immersion in an Irish host family is enjoyable for all participants, families and students, and courtesy of the internet, you can choose the best one for your child  whether boy or girl in a straightforward manner. Basketball, swimming, outdoor hikes and board games are just a few of the ways to be entertained that come with a visit to Ireland.

Anglofam Host families offer your child more than just a home - we make sure you will get maximum benefit from your language stay by following a daily program off English speaking activities. To find out more details about our great value high quality language stays just click here

Correct healthy natural food is the standard diet here, but families will provide special diets for children who might need them. English language teachers can provide the best learning experience for a student who wants to learn and improve their English quickly.

English is an amazing language, but not easy to learn, so your young lady needs any advantage she can get in improving her skills. In addition to the warm Irish culture, the astonishing views and long history of the country will provide a fascinating background for any student.

With English examinations coming up, changing language study into a delightful and culturally enriching experience is a great idea. English immersion is widely known as the ideal way to swiftly become skilled in a language and understand it. Intensive Enlish learning stays are also available from qualified host teachers who know how to understand each students needs. Homestay language studies are best combined with becoming part of the daily life of a host family, ensuring the best learning outcomes while keeping things easygoing.

Playing board games, card games and watching movies can all become opportunities to learn and to improve English skills. Linguistics is a competitive and difficult field, so your child will need all the help they can get.

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