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English host family for teenager

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When your child or teenager comes home, our plan is to make sure he or she will be very well able to hold a conversation in English and will have little difficulty passing English exams!

Anglofam Host families offer your teenager more than just a family environment - we make sure you will get maximum benefit from your English stay by following a daily program off English speaking activities. To find out more details about our great value high quality language stays just click here

Language stays are not just for kids of course, they are also for adults and families interested in an exchange, but young people benefit from them the most.

Most host families and teachers will be very happy to share their culture and lifestyle with your son, and will show him around and help him talk to other children his own age.

English language teachers can provide the strongest learning experience for a student who wants to learn and improve their English quickly. It is always a good idea to plan ahead, so make sure you organise the adventure with your Irish family before leaving. Playing board games, card games and watching movies can all become opportunities to learn and to improve English for your son.

Learning a new language opens new horizons personally and for other goals such as careers and travel. Host families in Ireland are friendly and outgoing, always willing to open their doors and their hearts to visitors.

Linguistics is a tough and involved field, so your boy will need every advantage he can get. Football, fishing, hockey and camping are just a few of the pleasures that come with a visit to Ireland. Staying in your teachers home gives the opportunity for one-to-one tuition and full structured language immersion.

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