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English immersion in Ireland

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Anglofam host families offer total immersion in the English language and in the local culture. This is of course is the best way to learn among people who speak it as their mother tongue.

But Anglofam Host families offer you more than just an English immersion stay - we make sure you will get maximum benefit from your stay by following a daily program of planned English speaking activities. To find out more details about our great value, high quality English stays just click here

If the more rustic life appeals, children can gain a lot of experience with farm animals while doing light work on a farm in Ireland. Gentle encouragement from families is the key to success when your child visits Ireland to learn English. Home cooked food is the best kind of food, and host families in Ireland make sure their guests, adult or children, are well fed. If your child is a vegetarian, most host families will cater to that need, as well as other special diets.

One of the greatest benefits Ireland has to offer is the unspoiled scenery, with pure nature, hills, forests and cliffs as well as beaches and meadows. Every household in Ireland speaks fluent English natively, and it is a beautiful country in which to learn. A lifetime of friendships await your child! English language teachers can provide the best learning experience for a student who wants to learn and improve their English quickly. Whale watching can be experienced in the south of Ireland, as well as friendly dolphins. Some people say that the best place to learn a language is immersed in a place where the language is spoken natively, so Ireland is the best place to learn and improve English.

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