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Fun English Family Stays for child, adult or family

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English Family Stays for child or adult

Have fun while you learn and make new friends forever!  Anglofam has a huge selection of english immersion language stays to choose with different families offering a wide variety of activities and entertainment.   Wherether you or your child like water sports horse riding, football, music, arts and crafts, dancing, mountain walks or any other activites you can enjoy these and improve your English at the same time. Browse through our families and find one to suit you!

Anglofam is dedicated to facilitating enjoyable language learning stays without the high cost of agencis.

We provide all hosts with advice, ideas and games to encourage maximum interaction between guests and native language speakers. 

You are not just practising the language , you are also experiencing a new culture which can be an especially enjoyable and educational experience!

Search though our families now and find your perfect language stay.  All our families have references, many of our hosts have years of experience and some of our hosts are teachers offering intensive english learning combined with an enjoyable holiday


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Adult English stay in host family
Cheap language courses
English host family for girl or boy
English host family for teenager
English host family stays for students
English immersion in Ireland
English immersion stay
Homestay host family
Host families Ireland
Host family Belfast Ireland
host family Cork
host family Dublin Ireland

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