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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. In accordance with this regulation Anglofam is commited to protecting the data of all account holders on our website and only using it for the purpose of our business with the continued consent of the account holder. Our business is the web-based facilitation of language stays and exchanges including short term language stays with host families or host teachers, summer camps, summer language schools and longer term stays which may involve school attendance. Our primary purpose is to connect people seeking language stays with suitable host families or host teachers and all information we collect is to facilitate this purpose.  As language stays may be of interest to members on a continuous basis we will hold your data for a period of no longer than three years continuity before contacting you to remind you that we are holding this data. The Anglofam website and databases are currently hosted by Kualo Limited (GB) business hosting http://www.kualo.com/company/our-infrastructure

Anglofam will not accept membership from persons under the age of 18 without the specific permission of a parent or guardian. All accounts are reviewed by Anglofam on creation and official identification is requested before accounts are validated. 

To see what information is stored about you simply log into your Anglofam account. At any time any account holder on Anglofam may delete that account with all associated information or request it to be deleted.To delete your account on Anglofam including all uploaded documentation and photos simply select 'delete account' in the bottom right hand corner when you log into your account. You will then be given the option to permanently delete or suspend your account. Selecting Delete will permanently delete your account including all information stored about you. If you are unable to log in or need assistance to view or delete your account simply contact us on info@anglofam.com

This data protection and privacy infomation must be accepted by all account holders on Anglofam at the time of account creation from May 19th 2018. In addition, it is displayed online on this web page. Instructions on how an account holder may permanently remove their account are also provided on the main website under Questions and Advice for Paid Hosts and under Questions and Advice for Guests.

For account holders who created their account before May 19th 2018 this information has been provided by email on May 19th 2018. In the event of delivery notifcation failure of any such emails the accounts in question and all associated information have been deleted.


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