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Improving your English to the maximum with Anglofam stays  


Living with native English speakers is always the best way to pick up and practise the language naturally. However in recent years, even with total immerion in a host family, the challenge has become more difficult. People spend much more time on electronic devices so ,than even when visiting different countries they are still very much connected to home. Stopping a stranger on the steet and asking for directions has almost become a thing of the past because of Google Maps and other navigation software that are at our fingertips. Online Gaming is an obsession and has virtually replaced board games and card games. Young people are especially challenged because they have known no other life and don't even think it's unusual to spend the day on front of a screen rather than experiencing the world in reality!

Anglofam recognises these challenges and we have a program which not only counteracts the difficulties of the modern era but in some instances uses modern technology to help with practising the language. Before you invest in a language holiday for yourself or your child please consider the following and if you would like to find out more just email us.


What advantages does Anglofam offer?


We are offering a reduced registration/booking fee of 99 euro for a limited period! We have plenty of families to choose from so just search through and find a family to suit you. Click on the Search button above! 



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