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Host family Belfast Ireland

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Belfast is the capital city of the north, close to many well known attractions and some beautiful lakes. There are a wide selection of cultural attractiosn for you, including the Belfast Waterfront, the Titanic museum, the famous Giants causeway and more, since this is the city that inspired the Chronicles of Narnia! Your host family in Belfast is waiting to meet you.

But Anglofam English stays whether in Belfast or anywhere in the English speaking world offer you more than just a great holiday and cultural experience - we have a suggested program of English speaking activities for every day of your stay. To find out more details click here

English is an amazing language, but not easy to learn, so you or your child needs any advantage they can get in improving their skills.

Dont forget our families offer summer activity camps and there are many other attractions to enjoy. Students will become part of the family and immerse deeply into the local culture.

Belfast is the capital of Ireland and has an International Airport (named after the great footballer George Best) so getting to Belfast is easy.


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