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Cork is the thriving heart of the south of Ireland, a vibrant place on the banks of the river Lee filled with all sorts of surprises just around the next corner. Visitors whether adult or child will enjoy Jazz music, the possibility of seeing some whales, a stroll through the famous English market and much more in the majestic city of Cork. Cork has its own international airport so getting there is easy. Host families in Cork have a lot to offer guests whether old or young - you will be immersed in the English language with a cultural experience unique to Cork.

But Anglofam English stays whether in Cork or anywhere in the English speaking world offer you more than just a great cultural experience - we have a suggested program of English speaking activities for every day of your stay. To find out more details click here

English language teachers can provide the best learning experience for a student who wants to learn and improve their English quickly and some of our host families in Cork offer English lessons.

As travel broadens the mind, so does learning a new language open new possibilities personally and for other goals such as careers and relationships. If your child is a vegetarian, most host families will cater to that need, as well as other special diets. Generally speaking language homestays will not allow two or more students who speak the same language in the same house, which is of great benefit to students who are trying to immerse themselves in English.

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