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Dublin is an incredible city, the capital of Ireland, with an endless number of places to go and things to see. Cathedrals, museums, universities and more beckon, as well as an unmatched selection of restaurants of all sorts. But Dublin people are what make Dublin really special and so friendly that it doesnt feel like a capital city. Raised on songs and stories is line from a famous song about Dublin and your host families in Dublin will really want to share their songs, stories and culture with you.  

But Anglofam English stays whether in Dublin or anywhere in the English speaking world offer you more than just a great cultural experience - we have a suggested program of English speaking activities for every day of your stay. To find out more details click here

There are summer activity camps, beautiful shimmering lakes and misty meadows to enjoy. Cheap paid stays can be found in many host families in Dublin, with amazing value for money which gets better with the length of the stay. Just outside Dublin are the beautiful Dublin and Wiklow mountains and there are alo fabulous beaches just a DART ride from the city centre.With English exams coming up, turning language study into a fun and culturally beneficial experience is a good idea. Traditional Irish music and dancing are part of the fabric of both rural and urban Dubin and Ireland, so make sure you let your hosts know that you would like to see them.

Most host families and teachers will be very happy to share their culture and lifestyle with your child, and will show them around and introduce them to other children their own age. The City of Dublin is well known for its enjoyable variety of activities and pleasant friendly locals. Homestay language studies are best combined with becoming part of the daily life of a host family, ensuring the maximum learning advantages while keeping things a lot of fun. Some people say that the best place to learn a language is immersed in a place where the language is spoken natively, so Dublin is a great place to learn and improve English.

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