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Galway, what a famous place, known in movies, books and art worldwide, it's a fine bohemian spot to enjoy some truly unique cultural experiences. Enjoy a stroll in Eyre Square or down Shop street and listen to the talented local musicans busking along the way, visit the truly magical Aran islands, have fun at night in the ambient pubs and restaurants and watch the sun go down on Galway Bay as the famous song says. Galway has been recently voted the cultural capital of Europe for the year 2020!  It is also unofficially known as the young peoples capital of Ireland.

But Anglofam English stays whether in Galway or anywhere in the English speaking world offer you more - we have a suggested program of English speaking activities for every day of your stay. To find out more details click here

Some students prefer language exchanges, and other prefer a paid hosting stay – usually a paid stay is preferable since you have a much wider range of options to choose from. Learning has never been so much fun, or such good value. There are summer activity camps, beautiful shimmering lakes and misty meadows to enjoy. Traditional Irish music and dancing are part of the fabric of both rural and urban Ireland, so make sure you let your hosts know that you would like to see them. Is your child preparing for an English exam?

As travel broadens the mind, so does learning a new language open new possibilities personally and for other goals such as careers and relationships. When you or your child comes home, you will be very well able to hold a conversation in English and will probably have little difficulty passing English exams as well. Language stays are not just for kids of course, they are also for adults and families interested in an exchange.

Anglofam is based in Galway and has a huge number of families in the Galway area - to find your perfect family just click on Search above.

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