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Host Family Ireland

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Host Family Ireland

Anglofam allows you to book a host family stay for you or your child directly with an Irish family or with a host family in other English speaking countries. Whether you are an adult, teenager or child you can benefit from great value language holidays. 

You can arrange short term total immersion stays during holiday breaks or you can book longer stays where your child goes to school in Ireland. School terms stays are espeically great value: some families offer to host school attending children for as little as 600 euro per month!   

We also have several teachers offering intensive English language holidays where you live in the teachers home, have daily English lessons but also have the benefit of the teachers help 24/7. These are particuarly beneficial if you are preparing for an English exam or if you need English for an up-coming business trip. Many of our teachers are working in mainstream education in Ireland.

With Anglofam you can search though a wide range of host family profiles, find out about them and the activities they offer, view photos and choose a family to suit you. You can verify availability with your chosen family and the total price of the stay before you pay the single connection fee. Anglofam charges a once-off booking fee and we have no other charges!

Why choose a language holiday in Ireland?

Find out more about what Ireland has to offer by checking some features on our website about individual areas and choose where you would like to stay. We have families in all parts of Ireland offering holiday stays and eager to show you the local attractions!

Host family Ireland

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Ireland is the country of a thousand welcomes and we mean this literally because there are many friendly host families in Ireland delighted to welcome you or your child into their homes for a great value English stay!

The reason Ireland is famous for perfect English stays is because Irish people are famous for having the 'gift of the gab' which just means they are very talkative! This of course is a generalisation but it's true that Irish people love meeting strangers and sharing stories and songs which makes the English learning experience so much fun. Whether you are an adult or a child you can make friends forever without even noticing that you are learnng English. 

The towns and cities of Ireland are well known for their enjoyable variety of activities and pleasant friendly locals! Host families abound, each more friendly and pleasant than the last, and if you are sending a child they will have many children to share their life with.

English immersion in an Irish family is something everyone can enjoy, and thanks to the internet, you can pick the best match for your child easily and safely. A lifetime of friendships await your child! If the more rustic life appeals, children can gain a lot of experience with farm animals while doing light work on a farm in Ireland. Most host families and teachers will be very happy to share their culture and lifestyle with your child, and will show them around and introduce them to other children their own age. Often students who come to visit homestay families in Ireland want to return next year as well! It is always a good idea to plan ahead, so make sure you organise everything with your host family before leaving. 

Students who have returned from language stays in Ireland speak positively of their experiences, and report a great improvement in their English language skills too. Families will have years of experience in dealing with and looking after children from different countries and so are able to make sure your child has a nice time. Some students prefer a host family, and some prefer the more intensive experience of a teacher. Students will become part of the family and immerse deeply into the local culture.

To find a great English language stay just click on Search above and search through our host families - we have families in all areas of Ireland delighted to show you the local attractions.

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