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Host Family Waterford Ireland

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In addition to the pleasant Waterford culture, the stunning views and ancient history of the city will provide a rich background for any visitor.

You can also travel out to Woodstown and Dunmore East to see the breath-taking beauty of the South East coast of Ireland. Or visit the bustling seaside resort of Tramore (name means 'long beach') with its fairground rides and sand dunes which go on forever.

But Anglofam English stays whether in Waterford or anywhere in the English speaking world offer you more than just a great holiday experience - we have a suggested program of English speaking activities for every day of your stay. To find out more details click here

Some students prefer language exchanges, and other prefer a paid hosting stay – usually a paid stay is preferable since you have a much wider range of options to choose from. Playing board games, card games and watching movies can all become opportunities to learn and to speak English. Language stays are not just for kids of course, they are also for adults and families interested in an exchange. There are summer activity camps, beautiful shimmering lakes and misty meadows to enjoy. Whether you want to try living in a busy town or city, or in a more easygoing countryside lifestyle, there is always lots to see and do while visiting Ireland. Some students prefer a host family, and some prefer the more intensive experience of a teacher. Linguistics is a competitive and complicated field, so your child will need every advantage they can get.

For a great holiday English stay in Waterford just search though for host families living in the Waterford area by clicking on Search above.


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