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Q. What do my family and I need in order to qualify as an English language host family?

A. You need to speak English fluently and you need at least one spare bed in your home. If you are hosting children, bedrooms can be shared with children in your own family or other young guests. Bedroom and bedding should be clean,  you should provide adequate and dedicated storage space for your guest's clothes (e.g. wardrobe or chest of drawers) and ideally a bedside locker or night stand. You do not need to provide an ensuite bathroom but the bathroom or bathrooms which the guest uses should be kept clean and should have storage space available for guest toiletries etc..

Q. What extra qualifications do I need in order to qualify as an English host teacher?

A. You need to have EITHER a recognised TEFL qualification or else be a qualified and experienced teacher (either at second/high school or primary level)  

Q. I plan to host children under 18. Do I need to get Police vetting/Garda vetting?

A. As you will be arranging stays directly with the guest you cannot get Police/Garda vetted through Anglofam. Instead we request that all hosts who wish to take children under the age of 18 must upload two character references from trusted sources.  If you have police vetting certificates or letters confirming you are vetted under another organisation you may also upload these. Details of reference requirements and identication documents needed are specified when you are uploading your profile.

Q. What age group are guests?

A. The majority of guests are teenagers or young adults. We may also have some older adults.

Q. When will guests be coming for and how long?

A. The majority of guests will require summer time stays of 2-4 weeks. Some may also require short stays at other times of the year such as Easter or even during school term. There will also be many young guests who require longer stays during school term including school attendance.

Q. How do I let guests know of my availability?

A. You need to enter your availability on your booking calendar and keep it updated as you agree bookings. You should only update your calendar after you have finalised the booking, not when you receive a provisional booking request. If you receive more booking requests than you can host during a particular period you can choose the guest(s) whose profile you prefer and there will be an option to let the others know that you have a provisional booking for that period.    

Q. I wish to take multiple guests but have agreed to only host one from each language. When I receive a booking how can update my availablility to reflect that I  can only take guests from certain languages? 

A. You can enter this as note on your calendar. If you receive a booking request from a guest who speaks the same language for the same period you can reject the booking with the appropriate message which indicates that you already have a provisional booking for that language. 

Q. How much should I expect to get paid and what should this include?

A. The default rate for English Speaking Hosts is 60 euro per day. You may wish to offer a reduced rate depending on how long the guest wants to stay. For longer stays 2 months or more including school attendance the rate would be a monthly rate and usually lower than the the short term stay rate. You can agree this rate with the guest after finding out what school fees will be charged.

The default rate for Teachers including english lessons is 85 euro per day. For more details on what these prices should include see Prices

Q. Do I need to have children living in my home to host other children/teenagers?

A. No. You will just need references from trusted sources affirming your experience with children and that you are a responsible person who can care for and supervise children. Some of our hosts may be 'empty nesters' whose children have left home and now have spare rooms available.

Q. Will guests be attending school/language schools?

A. Only if you can arrange that and agree it with the guest family. Anglofam operates as an on online facilty which connects guests seeking language stays with host families. We suggest default hosting rates for short term stays and what they should include but other than that the guest and hosts must agree and arrange any extra activities, clubs or school attendance. If you prefer to host longer term stays including school attendance you can select that on your profile but you must be able to arrange this with your local school.

Q. Do I need to put photos of my family including children on my profile?

A. We do not insist that you upload close up photos of children. However families who are sending their children to stay with a family they do not know in a another country will want to know as much as possible about you and photos may help reassure them that you are a welcoming family where there child will be safe and happy.

Q. I am a single parent. Can I provide English language stays?

A. Yes of course.

Q. I do not live in an English speaking country but am a native english speaker. Can I still provide English language stays?

A. Yes this may be attractive to many guest families from the country you are living in as they can avoid flight costs and meet you personally if sending a young family member.    

Q. Although I live in an English speaking country I am not a native English speaker. Can I still provide English language stays? 

A. You must speak English fluently, have been living in the country for several years and ideally some members of your family (e.g. children) should be native english speakers. If you speak the language fluently it should not be a disadvantage to the guest but you do need to let the guest family that English is not your native language. If you do not have native english speakers in your home you may wish to organise extra activities or camps where the guest will interact with native english speakers. 

Q. Do I need to have special insurance to take language stay guests?

A. Usually not. You should inform your home insurance company that you will be taking language guests and find out if it is covered or if there are any additional charges.

Q. Do I need to pay tax on the income I receive from language stay guests?

A. Under rent-a-room tax relief schemes,  income from hosting school-attending students in your home is tax free up to a certain threshold (€14,000 per annum in Rep of Ireland, £7500 in UK) . You should consult your local Revenue office regarding whether you need to pay tax on income you receive from students for summer time stays.

Q. What about if a guest becomes ill during the stay and needs to visit a doctor or hospital?

A. All guests should be covered by travel and medical insurance. You should verify this with the guest and ensure that its mentioned on the contract you agree.

Q. I am renting my current home. Can I still host language stay guests ?

A. Yes but you need to have permission from your landlord or verify that its allowed in the tenancy agreement.

Q. How do I delete my account including any information held about me?

A. To delete your account on Anglofam including all uploaded documenation and photos simply select 'delete account' in the bottom righthand corner when you log into your account. You will then be given the option to permanently delete or suspend your account. Selecting Delete will permanently delete your account including all information stored about you. If you are unable to log in or need assistance to delete your account simply contact us on info@anglofam.com


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