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Certain boys and girls prefer language exchanges, and other prefer a paid hosting stay – usually a paid stay is preferable since you have a much wider range of options to choose from. Host families in Ireland as well as highly qualified English language teachers are waiting to hear from you today! Click here to find out more

Short term stays can be almost as valuable as long term stays, in that they can show language exchange students how valuable English is, and give them a taste for it. Hosts will be there at the airport to pick up your child, and will make sure they get safely home as well. English is an amazing language, but not easy to learn, so your child needs any advantage they can get in improving their skills.

There are festivals at every time of year in Ireland too, which can be joined by visitors and locals alike. Linguistics is a competitive and complicated field, so your child will need every advantage they can get. A family stay can be and usually is a unique experience for everyone involved. If the more rustic life appeals, children can gain a lot of experience with farm animals while doing light work on a farm in Ireland.

Your host family is waiting to meet you. Surfing, fishing, outdoor hikes and camping are just a few of the entertainments that come with a visit to Ireland. English immersion is widely recognised as the best way to swiftly become used to a language and master it.

Learning has never been so much fun, or such good value. Every household in Ireland speaks fluent English natively, and it is a beautiful country in which to learn.

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