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Learn English with a host family

Would you or your child like to learn English the easy way? Well look no further, because a language homestay in Ireland is the ideal way to do that. Breathe, live and eat the language spoken natively by Irish people, English, and enjoy the many benefits of the wonderfully friendly Irish culture while doing so.

Anglofam Host families offer you more than just a home - we make sure you will get maximum benefit from your language stay by following a daily program of English speaking activities. To find out more details about our great value high quality language stays just click here

A passion for languages is a passion for life, and by travelling to live with a host family in Ireland you can have a relaxing and fun time while maintaining an intense focus on the purpose of the visit – learning English. A stay in Dublin or a stay in Cork city with a traditional Irish family who will pick your child up from the airport and make sure they are safe at every point on the voyage, whether over the summer or on a year off, is the best kind of language school you can imagine.

An island country is a country with plenty of beaches, so take the sea air and enjoy sailing, rafting, fishing, sports on the water as well as swimming in the sea, all while learning English from a qualified teacher. Whale watching is also to be enjoyed, and friendly dolphins.

Whether you are learning formally or not, your child will learn from the amazing variety of encounters and simply by living and sharing their lives with a host family in Ireland. Full immersion language learning is the ideal and recommended way to learn a new language, so don't miss your opportunity to enjoy it today!

To find out more about our high quality language stays check out the details on avelang.com/guest

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