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Learning English in family home

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English is an incredible language which opens many resources, art, literature, films, education and much more. So why not learn it while enjoying the comforts of home, even if it is someone else's? Home cooked food is always the best kind of food, and host families in Ireland make sure their guests, adult or children, are well fed with the highest quality local ingredients.

Anglofam Host families offer you  more than just a home setting - we make sure you will get maximum benefit from your English stay by following a daily program off English speaking activities. To find out more details about our great value, high quality English stays just click here

If your child likes computer games, and most kids do, they are well known in Irish families and homes for home stays. If a country life is calling, children can gain a lot of experience with farm animals while doing gentle work on a farm in Ireland.

Going for a picnic to enjoy the view on a pleasant day is something your child can look forward to.

New languages open new possibilities personally and for other goals such as careers and relationships. Good healthy natural food is the normal diet here, but families will provide special diets for students who might need them. Students will become part of the family and immerse deeply into the local linguistic environment. Short term stays can be almost as valuable as long term stays, in that they can show language exchange students how valuable English is, and give them a taste for it. It is also a fine way to be immersed completely in a language, without having to go to the trouble and expense of a language school. Homestay language studies are best merged with becoming part of the everyday life of a host family, ensuring the best learning advantages while keeping things a lot of fun. When your child comes home, he or she will be very well able to hold a conversation in English and will likely have little difficulty passing English exams as well. Surfing, fishing, outdoor hikes and camping are just a few of the entertainments that come with a visit to Ireland. Gentle help from families is the key to success when your child visits Ireland to learn English. A lifetime of friendships wait for your child!

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