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Learning English in Ireland

With Boys
With Girls

The towns and cities of Ireland are well known for their enjoyable variety of activities and pleasant friendly locals. In addition to the pleasant Irish culture, the stunning views and ancient history of the country will provide a rich background for any visitor. Your host family is waiting to meet you.

Is your child preparing for an English exam? Now is the time to get your place booked with an Irish hosting family then!

Many host families are musical as well, and like to play instruments and sing, which is fun for everyone!

Some students prefer a host family, and some prefer the more intensive experience of a teacher. Most host families and teachers will be very happy to share their culture and lifestyle with your child, and will show them around and introduce them to other children their own age. English immersion is widely recognised as the best way to swiftly become used to a language and master it.

Every household in Ireland speaks fluent English natively, and it is a beautiful country in which to learn. There are many courses abroad for children and youth but few can compare to actually living with a family.

Short term stays can be almost as valuable as long term stays, in that they can show language exchange students how valuable English is, and give them a taste for it. Students who have returned from language stays in Ireland speak positively of their experiences, and report a great improvement in their English language skills too.

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