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Welcome to our new blog page! 

Just a little bit about Anglofam: Anglofam connects people seeking language immersion stays with host families. Our online search facility allows you to choose a family to suit you, check availability and book directly with that family. We do not take a percentage from host family payment so you can get a great language stay for a better price! We would like to make your travel and learning experience as easy as possible and would be delighted to help you with the steps towards booking your stay!. We faciltate communication with your host, contract creation and advice and help with travel and supporting documents. We are committed to ensuring you achieve maximum benefit from your language learning stay and provide detailed advice to both guests and hosts before you commence your stay. If you have any questions or concerns please email us; we would be delighted to hear from you!

We hope to add some guest reviews shortly. 

Check here also for some advice to be added soon regarding planning your stay and packing your bags!

Special Offers for language stays 2020

Hi All. 2020 is fact approaching and we already looking forward with 2020 vision . We are delighted to confim great special offers in 2020 which most of our host families are participating in.  3 weeks total immersion stay including meals, laundry and one excursion per week ony 950 euro. 2 weeks stay with a teacher including 10 hours English lessons 799 euro!  ...
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Summer 2019 and new 2020 year

Dear Anglofam host families teachers and guests. Summer 2019 is well and truly over and things are getting a bit quieter but of course we still have young and not so young language guests enjoying school time or other stays in Ireland and other places. Thanks to all who have made this year so enjoyable, to all our laguage travel guests who have visited Ireland and other places and to all our ...
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Guest Reviews of Host families

Hello to all. We are delighted to let you know about a new Reviews feature we have added to Anglofam which will ensure our guests have even more reassurance about the families they are booking with!  Many of the people visiting Anglofam have been impressed with our host family profiles but have requested to see reviews for these families, ideally from former guests. Over the next few weeks...
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Special Offers for Language Stays 2019

Hi to everyone and hope you are looking forward to another year of fun language stays in 2019. We are delighted to tell you about some new special offers in 2019 which most of our host families are participating in and which will make your language stay even more affordable.  3 weeks total immersion stay including meals, laundry and one excursion per week ony 950 euro. 2 weeks stay with...
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Happy Christmas to Families and Guests

Dear Host Families and Guests everywhere As Christmas approaches we hope you all have time to take a break from work, school or other stresses and think about whats most important in life. Its also a very special time for families to relax and be together. For host families hoping to host in 2019 maybe its a chance to take new photos of your family enjoying the Christmas break toge...
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Groups of language students traveling to Ireland in 2019

Hi to all host families and language guests! Hope youve had an enjoyable Summer. Hoping our summer stay language guests will benefit in the new school year from improved english skills! Anglofam is acting as partner to a number of institutions and language schools who may wish to send groups of students to specific areas in Ireland in 2019. Hosting rates will be lower than the total immersion rate...
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GDPR Data Protection and privacy

Hello to all guest and hosts. As you may know the new GDPR data protection and privacy law comes into effect on the 25th May. In accordance with this Anglofam is committed to protecting your data and using it only for the purpose for which it was intended. We will be emailing all existing members today19th may to give details of this data protection and privacy policy, to ensure we have your conti...
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Great News for English Stay Guests lower Host Rate!

We are delighted to say that for last minute Summer bookings we are reducing the daily host family rate from 60 euros per day to 50 euros per day! This includes full board, laundry, one excursion and one activity per week. The daily rate for host teachers including one hour per day English lessons has been reduced from 85 euro to 70 euro!   And more good news: the Anglofam booking fee...
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Full Immersion stays available Anglofam

Welcome once again to all Guests seeking language stays for this Summer 2018. We are now offering total Immersion English stays in host families for the Summer and also long term stays during the school year. Great News! To celebrate our new brand new name and have reduced the guest registration fee to 45 euro until April 28th!   ...
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Anglofam Rebranding

Dear Hosts and Guest. Exciting times for Anglofam! As the popularity of our website increases we have decided to rebrand in order to widen our appeal and ensure our purpose is well defined.  Over the next week or two the company will have a brand new identity mark and and will be moved to a new domain www.Anglofam.com. Nothing else changes and your logon and password will ...
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Happy St Patricks day 2018 from Host families in Ireland

Hi To all guests and Happy St Patricks day 2018 from the Emerald isle! At Anglofam we have host families in all areas of Ireland waiting to welcome you for a great English language stay. Choose what part of Ireland you would like to see and search for families in that area, Or just search our Irish families  and see what attractions and cultural events are close to them which they can take yo...
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Help pack for English Host families and guests 2018

Help Guide for guests and host families  Hi to all host families and English stay guests!. As the season starts and we are beginning to receive bookings some people have asked about the Anglofam advice pack. This info pack is a series of advice, tips, ideas and games designed to make the language stays more enjoyable for all. We hope to have this ready very soon and will sen...
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Learn English while having fun- Activities for Guests

English language guests - Welcome to Anglofam language stays 2018! this is your holiday and its important you enjoy it! Do you like horse riding, sailing, football, music or climbing mountains? Or do you prefer just to relax at the beach or go for country walks?  Our hosts on Anglofam host offer a huge variety of activiites and entertainment which should make this an english language ...
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Calendar Facility and other news for hosts Feb 2018

Hello to all our hosts and guests! Welcome to our new online blog which will make it easier to update with you with our latest news. We are pleased to say the Calendar Facility has now been implemented so you can let guests know of your exact availability. To update your calendar simply log into your profile and enter any dates you are not available for hosting in 2018. If you are ...
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