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Safe Language Stays


Anglofam is committed to providing special measures and advice to help provide for the safety and security of members using the facility. Here is a summary of our measures and recommendations:


  1. We request official identification details for all members to help ensure the authenticity of hosts and guests who make contact with each other.
  2. Anglofam provides a messaging facilty and all communication through its website is monitored. This provides a record of conversations and provisional agreements for language stays. Any inappropriate or abusive messaging will result in membership being suspended. All members are also encouraged to report any inappropriate commuications or misconduct.
  3. Anglofam facilitates contract creation between guest and host families who are arranging a stay. A contract template is provided which lists all the major aspects of the stay such as payment, services included, procedures in event of illness or accident, cancellation policies etc. 
  4. Anglofam also encourages all guests to provide reviews after a language stay has been completed which helps collect information about the overall performance, reliability and suitability of hosts.
  5. Anglofam advises that any serious allegations of misconduct by either party or family members involved in a language stay which could constitute a criminal offence be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities as well as being reported to Anglofam.    
  6. Anglofam is particularly committed to helping provide for the safety of language stay guests under the age of 18. For this reason we request any host families who are offering language stays to under age guests to provide references from trusted sources within their community or reviews from guest families or agencies with whom they have previously hosted. References should be signed and, if relevant. stamped with the official stamp of the person/organistion and should verify that the host member is a responsibile person who can be trusted to care for and supervise chidren.  Anglofam facilitates the upload of these references on the host families profile and guests can view these before finalising a booking with the host family. All submitted references are reviewed by the Anglofam team but we also advise guest familes to check the host family references and ask for further credentials if unsatisfied. Anglofam may seek clarification or extra references if unsatisfied with host family credentials. In many cases Anglofam may follow up references and may speak ar length to host families to help vouch for their authenticity. See below for types of character references which may be supplied.
  7. Since guests are not required to provide references through Anglofam we urge all host families to satisfy themselves of the suitability of guests and in particular adult guests especially where there are children living in the host family home. We especially advise host families to obtain signed character references from adult guests. Adult guests should not be allowed to share bedrooms or left alone at any time with host family members or guests under the age of 18.


Character References:

The types of character refererences which host families may have on their profiles include:

  1.  Evidence of Police vetting. Since Anglofam does not arrange language stays directly host families cannot be police vetted through Anglofam. However we may accept evidence of recent police vetting conducted on behalf of another organisation with which the host family may work. Police vetting in the Republic of Ireland is known as Garda Vetting.

  2. Character reference from trusted souce within the Host family's community. Examples of trusted sources may be a medical professional, social worker, school teacher, member of police force.

  3. Teaching Council number. School teachers in the Republic of Ireland have a teaching council registration number which verifies that they are a teacher employed by the Irish Department of Education and are regularly police vetted.

  4. Character reference from other language stay guest who has stayed with the host family

  5. Character reference from person for whom the host family has minded children

  6. A small number of host families are personally known and recommended as trustworty by the Anglofam team and will have a character reference to this effect.


If you are unsure about the character references or other credentials your host family has provided and would like to understand them better just email info@avelang.com. 


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