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Sejours linguistiques d'anglais 2020

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Sejour Anglais en Famille d'accueil pour enfants, adolescents et adultes



Nous offrons des programmes d'immersion de haute qualité avec familles d'accueil en pays Anglophone. Des séjours de pâques, séjours d'été at au long de l'année 2019 sont maintenant disponibles.   Easter Stays, Summer stays and stays all throughout 2018 available now. 

Séjours linguistiques en familles d'accueil anglaises pour garcons ou filles Vous vous trouverez en immersion complète, ce qui vous permettra de mettre quotidiennement en application l'anglais appris en cours: Anglofam connects you directly with host families. All our familes have excellent references which have been checked by the Anglofam team. Many of our families have years of experience hosting and can provide reviews from former guests. Search on Anglofam specifying host family.

Séjour linguistique chez un professeur (cours d'anglais intensifs): If you are seeking an intensive English learning stay or you are preparing for an exam why not choose to stay with a teacher where you will have the benefit of a professional 24/7? Our teachers are highly qualified, some have TEFL qualifications, many already work in main stream education. Our teacher stays include 7 hours of formal english lessons per week. If you would like more lessons just request that directly from the teacher. Search on Anglofam specifying host teacher

Séjours linguistiques d'anglais pour les familles et les adultes: As well as individual stays Anglofam also facilitates stays for adults or even for the whole family. You can have a truly enjoyable and inexpensive family holiday while learning Enlgish naturally from the host family. Search on Anglofam specifying adult stay 


Aller à l'école anglais 2019-2020: Many host families can provide longer stays at a great value price and will arrange school attendance in their local school usually during Gap year (Transition year in Ireland) Search on Avelang and tick that you would like a longer stay with school attendance

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