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Would you like you or your child to stay in the home of a host family with  a TEFL qualification or other teaching qualification?

Would you like to be able to interact with a teacher who can help you with perfect pronunciation, speech and grammar?

Or would you prefer a complete immersion stay with a host family?

Anglofam is an exciting new language stay hosting facility offering you the opportunity to greatly improve your language skills by staying in the home of  a host family or of an English teacher where you can have English lessons and benefit from having a teacher available 24/7 during your stay. Anglofam is committed to facilitating language stays at low prices so you can have regular lessons, prepare for an exam and generally increase your English competency for a more affordable price.  Prospective language students pay just a small connection fee which makes the stay very affordable.

You can choose exact dates to suit you, during the Summer holidays or even during normal school term. 

Approximate rates per guest for paid hosting is 50 euro per day or 900 euro for 3 weeks! Recommended rates per guest for a stay with a teacher including 7 hours English lessons per week (average 1 hour per day)  is 70 euro per day. Current special offer: 2 weeks stay in teachers home including 10 hours English lessons 799 euros!

What these rates include

To find a host teacher simply Click on Search above and specify Teacher under Type of Stay


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