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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The guest booking fee is a connection fee which allows you to connect with host families and book one language stay. When you pay this fee you receive the Anglofam guarantee that there will be a language stay available to you. You can connect with as many families as you wish before finalising a booking if you do not exchange personal contact details. Subsequent bookings during the year or bookings for another member of your family are half price.
  2. When a guest family requests to book, both families promise to reply to each others messages and address any questions or concerns in a timely manner in order that a contract may be agreed and booking finalised
  3. The host family promises to keep availibility updated and to check email notifications daily for any booking requests.
  4. Both host and guest familes may cancel a provisional booking for whatever reason before it has been finalised.
  5. The host family promises to treat the guests on a language stay in their home as part of the family, to provide appropiate care and supervision to guests under 18 and to do their best at all times to assist all guests with improving the language they have come to practise.
  6. Language stays are arranged by direct agreeement between guest and host families and Anglofam provides a contact forum only. Anglofam will facilitate the creation of the contract but it is not party to it in any other way. Any grievances concerning any aspect of a stay such as loss or damage to property, personal injury, accident or illness, theft, cancellation or curtailment involving incomplete payment, extra unexpected costs or any failure by either party to fullfill the contract should be actioned directly between host and guest parties.  
  7. Anglofam facilitates and encourages the provision of character references, identification documents, guest reports and reviews and monitors messaging to assist with establishing the identity, good charactor and suitability of host members who are providing a stay to guests under 18. However Anglofam will not be responsible for false or misleading information on member profiles or on supporting documents or for inappropriate behaviour of members inconsistant with credentials provided. It is is the ultimate responsibility of guest members to satisfy themselves of the suitability of host families. Although all submitted references are reviewed by the Anglofam team we strongly advise guest familes to review the host family references and ask for further credentials if unsatisfied.
  8. Guests are not required to provide references through Anglofam. For this reason we urge all host families to satisfy themselves of the suitability of guests and in particular adult guests especially where there are children living in the host family home. Adult guests should not be allowed to share bedrooms or left alone at any time with host family members or guests under the age of 18.
  9. Host or guest families may not include any personal identifying information, website addresses or any contact details whatsoever on their profiles
  10. All members are encouraged to report any inappropriate or abusive messaging by another Anglofam member, in the course of arranging a language stay, to Anglofam (info@anglofam.com).
  11. All members are requested to report any inappropriate behaviour or serious misconduct during a language stay, either by the Anglofam member with whom the stay was agreed or by their family, to Anglofam. Any misconduct which could constitute a crime should be reported directly to the appropriate authorities first.
  12. We operate a zero tolerance policy towards abusive or disrespectul language on our website and any members violating this may have their accounts removed.
  13. Anglofam reserves the right to refuse or remove membership of any host or guest members for whatever reason at their own discretion.

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